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Hello! Welcome to the Susie Marks Photography blog, where I share more behind-the-scenes in photography & real life as well. Stay a while and see what's new!

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New Life

Mar 21, 2014

Well, so much for posting more frequently! Life took an unexpected, but much anticipated turn for us over the past few months. We are looking forward to a new addition in our family! It still is a bit surreal to actually have the opportunity to announce this, especially after going through 2 miscarriages in the last 2 years. It has been a time of learning to trust God at a whole new level and learning to accept whatever His plans may be – even if they don’t line up with our pre-conceived plans and goals.


As I woke each morning for the past few months, I would pray for the opportunity to carry this child through one more day. My faith was and still is a bit small in this area. At any given time, I knew exactly how many weeks and days pregnant I actually was. My husband says I need to trust that God knows what’s best and have faith that this will continue to be a healthy, normal pregnancy. So as we are on the verge of starting our 2nd trimester, we are excited to share this bit of news with you and ask an interest in your prayers! After almost 8 years since the birth of our youngest daughter, this feels like a totally new experience 🙂 Not to mention that we now have nothing baby related in our house or in storage, save the old crib – which may be too outdated now!


And when I dug out a long forgotten bin of some maternity clothing a few nights ago??? Oh my, did we all have quite the laughs! Could not believe the outdated, ugly clothing I once wore. Kiara asked me, “Mom did you REALLY wear that?!!” Yeah. It was pretty bad. And since I can no longer hide my little “bump”, it was time to share the news before too many friends and family members started wondering if I was simply gaining weight or if I was actually expecting. It’s a really good thing that it is almost yard sale season, as it looks like we may be making quite the purchases over the next several months 🙂 So looking forward to this little one’s arrival. So. Much. And after having older children for so long, our lives are about to change in a very big way. Can’t wait!


Yes, all these photos are practically identical. I know. I couldn’t resist. Do you know how long I’ve waited to be able to photograph something pertaining to a newborn of my own again? And when I saw the dead branches and grasses this time of year, with new, tiny buds forming on them, the contrast of bringing forth new life just struck me. And it totally worked for what I wanted to accomplish with these photos. Love it!


til’ next time! xoxo


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